phonographic releases


The Rozstaje/Crossroads publishing series, containing the recordings of the winners of the Małopolska Traditional Music Competition (1999-2001), are albums that should be part of the collection not only of folk music lovers, but also of all listeners, who can see and appreciate the value of authenticity and organic expression in music. Three editions of the Rozstaje/Crossroads Małopolska Traditional Music Competition brought together nearly a hundred performers: instrumental and singing ensembles, soloists-instrumentalists and folk singers. The competition was attended by bands from the entire region, the borderland of Spisz and Orawa, the Lemko region, Gypsies from the Bergitka Roma tribe, as well as Polska Roma tribe, and also the band from Wilamowice with a repertoire that is a linguistic sensation on a European scale. The Competition Jury, chaired by Maria Baliszewska (Radio Center of Folk Culture of the Polish Radio SA in Warsaw), gave the highest marks to the presentations of archaic and raw musical forms and other disappearing forms of folklore: ritual songs, wedding, funeral, midsummer and harvest songs, lullabies, ballads and celebration songs of the period of Christmas and Easter. Thanks to the recordings, the meeting with the best musicians from Małopolska continues to this day!