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Joanna Słowińska - Zielnik Polski

"Zielnik Polski" ["Polish Herbarium"] is a concert album by Joanna Słowińska, the Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra and the Stanisław Słowiński Quartet - recorded at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Music Center in Lusławice. A composition by Stanisław Słowiński - a young composer, violinist, laureate of Grand Prix Jazz Juniors 2015 and Audience Award of the 1st International Competition of Z. Seifert - to the lyrics by Jan Słowiński. The herbarium in the literary layer is a calendar of coexisting seasons and annual customs (Zielone Świątki, Zielna, Siewna), interpretations of hagiographic and apocryphal themes rooted in tradition.

Varied forms: from a jazz ballad ("Kolęda polarna"), through ascetic ostinated string textures ("Zofia", "Stanisław ze Szczepanowa"), to an extensive harmony of an orchestra and a jazz quartet ("Via Dolorosa", "Zielna") - they contribute to the natural coloring of "Herbarium": a full range of musical, interpretive colors, shades and references to the surrounding and inevitably intertwining signs of the sacred and profane spheres.

  • a musical calendar of inextricably coexisting seasons, annual customs and the space of the sacred: the need of spirituality in the secular and religious dimension


  • original vocal, musical and textual interpretations of sacred themes, rooted in folk customs


  • new hagiography: contemporary reading and interpretation of the biographies of saints and patrons (including Saint Stanisław of Szczepanów, Saint Sophia, Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski)


  • new compositions and instrumentations combining the sound of ethnic and electronic instruments and a string quartet


The premiere concert took place in August 2013 at the Abbey of the Benedictine Nuns in Staniątki as part of the CRACOVIA SACRA Festival.

Track listing:

1. Wiosenna

2. Człowiek znaczy święty

3. Stanisław ze Szczepanowa

4. Siewna

5. Zofia

6. Zielone świątki

7. Brat Albert

8. Burzowy

9. Dorota

10. Kolęda polarna

11. Via Dolorosa

12. Zielna

Joanna Słowińska - vocals, violin
Stanisław Słowiński - violin, electric violin, keyboards, electronics, flutes
Justyn Małodobry - double bass, electronics
Jan Słowiński - viola, hurdy-gurdy
Adam Stępniowski - percussion instruments
String quartet:
Dominik Matczak - violin I
Agata Front - violin II
Aleksander Frankiewicz - viola
Dominik Frankiewicz - cello


Lyrics: Jan Słowiński and traditional
Music: Stanisław Słowiński, Joanna Słowińska and traditional
Music arrangement: Stanisław Słowiński

Album cover project: Zofia Słowińska

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