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Fonó Krakow

FonóKrakow at the Strefa club - this is the world's first franchise of the legendary Hungarian label Fonó (traditional music, jazz, world music) and the oldest house of dance in Budapest, which is a place for meetings, concerts and workshops (planned locations for further Fonó franchises are Hong Kong and New York).

The formula of Fonó Krakow meetings includes lectures on literature and history, music workshops for children and adults, dance parties, concerts of Hungarian and Polish traditional music artists and in the future also musicians from all over Central Europe, representing scenes of jazz and world music.

Fonó Krakow is a forum for integrating the community, gaining new contacts, exchanging experiences, not only between Poland and Hungary, but also in the entire region.

Project moderators and partners:
Fonó Budai Zeneház, Philidor Institute, Music Export Poland, Mosaic Beats, Rozstaje/Crossroads Association, Strefa club

FonóKrakow opening / photo by Michał Ramus

FonóKrakow opening / photo by Baba Foto

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