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A long-term concert and educational project, open to multiculturalism, presenting artists of the Polish and European ethno and world music scene (StrefaEtno), artists of the jazz and improvised music scene (StrefaJazz, StrefaOtwarta) and performers of the sung poetry trend (cycle: Dwukropek). Concerts and workshops are held regularly in the Strefa club in Krakow, at Św. Tomasza Street 31.


The StrefaEtno / StrefaJazz project is cyclical in nature, it is a forum for the dynamically evolving ethno and improvised music scene in Poland and in the world. It also complements and extends the program of the summer festival EtnoKraków / Crossroads on a full-year scale. It enriches the program of the festival and serves the community integration, built for years around the idea of ​​meetings at Crossroads Festival: artistic dialogue on an international basis, reconstruction and nurturing of endangered musical signs and monuments of culture, promotion of traditional music in the "in crudo" form as well as creating new artistic forms inspired by traditional music.


The project is complemented by educational initiatives based on the culture-creating values ​​of traditional music (e.g. DomTańcaKraków [Krakow House of Dance], Między Wisłą a Dunajem [Between Vistula and Danube], Fonó Kraków), implemented in the form of traditional singing workshops, playing ethnic instruments, dance parties and dance workshops, including learning Polish traditional dances, dances from various regions of Europe and other continents.


The StrefaEtno / StrefaJazz project is implemented with the financial support of the City of Krakow.

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