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"Między Wisłą a Dunajem" [Between the Vistula and the Danube]

"Między Wisłą a Dunajem" [Between the Vistula and the Danube] is a series of musical meetings organized by the Rozstaje/Crossroads Association, dedicated to the music of the Carpathians, countries of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula.


The project's concerts and workshops were part of the program of the Malopolska House of Dance and the EtnoKraków/Rozstaje Festival, as well as educational and concert meetings organized in autumn 2019 with the support of Wacław Felczak Foundation. The autumn edition of the project was hosted by the Hungarian group Szépszerével. On the tour of subsequent musical meetings (Warsaw - Krakow - Toruń), the band conducted dance workshops of Csángó tradition and played together with musicians representing various shades of the Polish traditional music scene (Kapela Mazowiecka, Raraszek, TTMS, Agregandado).


Between the Vistula and the Danube (2019/2020 edition):

21.11 | Warsaw | Chata Numinosum center | Szépszerével [HU], Kapela Mazowiecka [PL]
22.11 | Krakow | Strefa club | Szépszerével [HU], Raraszek [PL]
28.11 | Toruń | n-obrotów  dance group | Wejściówka cafe | Szépszerével [HU], N-obrotowa Grupa Śpiewacza [PL], TTMS, Agregandado
29.11 | Toruń | Museum of Ethnography | Szépszerével [HU]
19.01 | Krakow | Carpathian Carnival event | Strefa club | Muzykanci [PL], Szépszerével [HU]

organizer: Rozstaje/Crossroads Association: at the Crossroads of Cultures and Traditions
financial support (XI / 2019 edition): Wacław Felczak Institute of Polish-Hungarian Cooperation in Warsaw | partners (XI / 2019 edition): Aeris Futuro Foundation, Strefa club

illustration: fragment of the map "Europa regina", Johannes Putsch / 1537

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