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ŻyWa Pracownia / Poland

It's a group of craftsmen, artists, arts and crafts instructors and landscape architects, musicians, art therapists, a doctor and machine operator, engaging together into cultural, social and educational activities at the crossroads of art, traditional crafts, design, architecture and urban gardening.

Two instructors of artistic crafts, landscape architects with a diploma in crafts – basket-weaving and pottery, graduates from the University of Artistic Folk Craft in Wola Sękowa and the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology – Małgorzata Warchoł and Magdalena Żyłka – are the founders and originators of the group’s activities, By operating on the border of architecture and traditional crafts, the ŻyWa Pracownia collective also deals with regional, ecological and architectural education, design of interiors and green areas, using elements inspired by tradition and folk art in the activities taking place in urban space.

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