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Zuzana Lapcikova  (Czech Rep.)

Zuzana Lapčikova is a Czech-Slovak phenomenon. She is primarily a singer and plays on a dulcimer, along with her accompanying band connects folklore with jazz and latin music. She is also a screenwriter, composer, music arranger, and actress ("Eighty Letters", Berlinale 2011).

Her composing biography is quite extensive, for example, she is the holder of the Angel Award for the her album “Rozchody a Návraty” [Transits and returns] and her next album “Marija Panna čistá” [Pure Virgin Mary] was nominated for the Angel Award and in label Supraphon is the best-selling Christmas album ever. She has written several ballet performances. For her ballet “Ballads”, she received two Czech prestigious awards (Thalia and Radok). She made a Symphony for the orchestra and choir “Orbis Pictus” in 2014. She make music for movie “Crusader” in 2017. She has performed in many places and festivals in Europe, but also in the USA, New York and Washington at the Kennedy Center. She plays and records with many orchestras, Moravian dulcimer musicians and various chamber ensembles.

concerts: 18.07.2003, 7.00 PM, Main Square

18.07.2003, 10.15 PM, Festival Club: Hala T. G. SOKÓŁ (Piłsudskiego 27)

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