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Zespół Andrzeja Polaka (Poland, Podhale)


The band performs in two squads: a traditional squad plays the music of Podhale region and an extended by Hungarian violas, accordion and double bass squad - folk repertoire, inspired by the music of the Carpathians, from the Moravian Gate to southern Romania.


Band members:

Andrzej Polak - I violin, vocals

Tomasz Michalik - Hungarian viola, vocals

Grzegorz Jaciów - double bass

Szymek Chyc-Magdzin - II violin, vocals

Paweł Trebunia-Tutka - accordion, vocals

Anna Chowaniec-Rybka - vocals


The concert took place at the Studio S-5 Radio Krakow (Al. Słowackiego 22), July 28, 2000, 8:15 PM

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