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Zespół Andrzeja Polaka (Poland)


Andrzej Polak's band – one of the most interesting folk bands in Poland (laureate of the 'New Tradition' '99), combining the power of traditional music with the search for a new form for it and perfect performance. The band's repertoire focuses on the Carpathian culture: from the Moravian Gate to southern Romania – so it's not surprising that the ensemble, made up of outstanding musicians from the entire Podhale region, amazes with musical imagination and authenticity. In the absence of the leader of the group, the outstanding primist – Andrzej Polak, at ROZSTAJE 2001 the violin prim will be conducted by Piotr Majerczyk, also one of the greatest violinists of the young generation in Podhale, founder and primist of the band Siwy Dym.


Piotr Majerczyk – violin, prim

Paweł Trebunia-Tutka – violin, 2nd prim

Marek Łabunowicz – dulcimer, violin

Grzegorz Jaciów – double bass

Tomasz Michalik – viola, violin


concert: Friday, September 7 at 6.00-7.00 PM

stage at the Main Square


dance party: music from Moravia to Romania:

Friday, September 7, approx. 11.00 PM,

Festival Club Pod Jaszczurami, Main Square 8

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