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Zakopower (Poland)

(25.07.2009, 8:30 PM, Main Square)


The band of Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka, charismatic Podhale violinist, originated from multigenerational family of musical traditions. Traditional sounds, enriched with modern arranges of rock origin and aesthetics (arranges and compositions of Mateusz Pospieszalski), releases unique energy and interesting artistic effect. The band debuted on the Polish scene with an album „Music Hal”, released in May, 2005. The first single of the band, „Kiebyś ty” has won the Jury Award on the Concert of Premieres at the 42th Festival of Song - Opole 2005, and also won at the Top Trendy Festival 2005. Zakopower was nominated to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 in the cathegory of „Best Polish Performer” and was appreciated by the Phonographic Academy ZPAV, which has nominated the album „Music Hal” to the Fryderyk Awards 2005 in six cathegories! In 2008 Zakopower has become a laureate of Fryderyk Award in the cathegory of Ethno/Folk Album of the Year. They also gained the Jury Award and Superpremiere Award in a joint voting of jury and public on the Concert of Premieres at the 45th Festival in Opole! The summary of a good concert season is the live DVD album „Zakopower koncertowo”, released in April, 2009. The position of Zakopower on the European world music scene is also getting stronger. The band has played at three prestigious European festivals: in Ostrava, Rudolstadt and Hungarian Sziget Festival. The leader – great violinist Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka – has become one of the most recognized artists on Polish music scene. After few years of active artistic work, live performances of Zakopower became great spectacles, connecting rock, punk and jazz styles with African rhythms. Only one thing remains the same: Zakopower is still one of the most energetic bands on Polish music scene, thanks to their passion and love for the music.


Band members:

Sebastian Karpiel – vocals, violin

Wojciech Topa – vocals, violin

Józef Chyc – vocals, Podhale basolia

Bartek Kudasik – vocals, viola

Piotr Rychlec – keyboards

Tomasz Krawczyk – electric guitar

Michał Trąbski – bass guitar

Łukasz Moskal – drums

Marek Pospieszalski – saxophone/scratch

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