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Vidlunnia (Poland)

(24.07.2012, 7:00 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No 6)


The name of the band comes from the Ukrainian language and means "echo" which symbolizes the space of nature and music. Traditional songs from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, setting the rhythm of life of rural people, are the main inspiration for the group. "With our music, we want to take the listener to the microcosmos of traditional culture, while placing it in the contemporary context". Folk style of playing instruments in combination with synthetic sounds. The band is a laureate of the Polish Radio 'New Tradition' Festival (2011).


Band members:

Malwina Paszek – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, karimba, krakebs

Oliwia Wronikowska – vocals, violin, electronics, synthesizers

Katarzyna Wesołowska – vocals, violin, gong, shot glass

Weronika Partyka – vocals, saxophone, duduk

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