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Varsovia Manta (Poland)

night of 27/28.07.2008, about 12:30 AM, Rotunda


About repertoire...

„It goes on for many years – I bring melodies heard somewhere and then those of them stay with us, which I can play „from my head”. They take root by themselves, because they have divine spark of genius. On the road, usually in a train or driving a car, the lyrics are born. Then we play these new themes and they take shape and color, proper for the whole band. In this form they often travel the world for some years – everywhere we play during ours adult lives. Between Slavs it is a little different than between Native Americans. We don't have to analyze carefully albums and sounds to preserve their unique charm and atmosphere. Something different amaze us. You can only look for those pearls in your own head, where they are written God only knows how – and to be among the people...”

About ideology...

„We're not missionaries or archaeologists. We don't discover anything and we don't destroy anything. We're only enthusiasts of sounds, which we subconsciously consider as „ours”. And if somebody has something against it...”

About allowance...

„I can't discuss with the omniscent group of culture preservers and cultivators, which tells me what should I do or do not in music and what is profanation and sacrilege. If I would be a professional ethnomusicologist, I think I would have never happily started to play an instrument. However I am disgusted with calling McDonalds a restaurant, plastic – a wood, celluloid – a living thing and scene choreography – real emotions”.

[Marek Kaim]


Band members:

Marek Kaim – vocals, accordion, quena, percussion instruments

Piotr „Korzeń” Korzeniowski – trumpet

Mirek Łączyński – bass guitar

Zbyszek Szularz – guitar

Artur Chaber – drums

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