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Trimagine / Poland

Mariza Nawrocka’s meeting with musicians of the Royal String Quartet, cellist Michał Pepol and violist Paweł Czarny was not accidental.

The traditional singing enthusiast and the classically educated musicians are united by a common sensitivity, a desire to touch the unknown and explore the beauty of music. Together they took up traditional Yiddish songs that have recently fascinated Mariza. New context, sincerity, mutual giving of space to be oneself, and simultaneous involuntary creation of a new quality and musical convergence – this is what happens in this “exotic” trio.

Mariza, inspired by the archival recordings of Lifshe Schaechter-Widman published on Itzik Gottesman’s Yiddish Song of the Week blog, as well as Ruth Rubin and other valuable collections of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, sings working songs, “to the heavens”, sad ballads, elemental-dance, ecstatic nigunim and “whispered” lullabies.

Trimagine’s arrangements escape the traditional paradigm of Yiddish songs. They have been submerged in electronic minimalism. A subtle electronic layer and Paweł and Michał’s arrangement allowed them to discover an unconventional, almost completely innovative face of the works. The ensemble was one of the winners of this year’s Polish Radio “Nowa Tradycja” competition; the trio won the second prize and the Czesław Niemen special prize.
Mariza Nawrocka – singing, bass
Paweł Czarny – viola, electronics, singing
Michał Pepol – cello, electronics, singing

The concert took place in 2019.

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