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Tožtak (Czech Rep.)

25.07.2009, 11:00 PM, Rotunda (together with Muzicka)

WORKSHOPS: Moravian dances: 25.07.2009, 4:00-5:30 PM and 26.07.2009, 2:00-4:00 PM, Rotunda


„Cymbałowka” [„Dulcimeria”] Tožtak comes from Moravia. The base of band's repertoire is Valašsko region. The musicians have met few years ago in Olomouc, where they came to from various parts of Moravia. They play for their own, listeners and dancers pleasure... They play music of Moravian Valašsko and Slovakian Moravia, they also work with the group Krajina from Olomouc. The group's domain is friendship, „walas” sound and joy of making music.


Band members:

Štĕpana Sližek – violin, primist

Zbynĕk Bos – dulcimer

Filip Kramer – double bass

Ondra Novak – vocals, second

Tereza Vrbova – vocals, violin

Tomaš David – violin

Michal Polaček – clarinet, shepherd's instruments

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