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Terne Chave (Czech Rep.)

(25.07.2010, 7:00 PM, Main Square)


Terne Čhave is one of the best and most successful Roma bands in Czech Republic. Several years ago they stood on their own feet, crossed the borders of Roma ghetto, invited to their ranks white „gadže” and set off to conquer the world. They travelled all Europe – from Hungary, through Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Holland, up to Scotland. In their music, next to Roma melodies, one can find rock, jazz and Latin dance rhythms. Terne Čhave are currently a band without any ethnic or stylistic limitations and their Roma roots allows them for musical journeys in dangerous places. The band isn't concerned about music styles or genres. You won't also have time for thinking about it during the concert. Most of the songs have an extreme pace. But if genre classification doesn't let you sleep at night – let's just say that it is true Gypsy rock'n'roll, so: ROM'N'ROLL!!!

The latest album, awaited for 4 years, had really perfect timing, judging by the effects. The album was considered as best ethnic album of 2008 in Czech Republic and gained a prestigious „Angel” („Andel”). The ambiguous title „More, Love!” reflects the spirit of the music. At the first listening it is music, in which next to traditional accordion and violin you can hear electric guitar and sampler. Bottom layers of this music you will discover in stylistic dispersion of individual songs. Rock, tango, spirituals, punk, folk song and dance rhythms will go through your ears so naturally intertwined with Gypsy voices, that you won't be surprised. Even the title „More, Love!”carries an ambiguous message. English meaning „more love” is opposed to Roma „moment! money...”. So many things nowadays are connected with money. Everybody needs it, but so many people forgets about things they really need: more love! The album brings the contrast of old Roma songs and modernity – old and new world.


Band members:

Gejza – guitar, vocals

Danko – accordion, vocals

Adam – violin, vocals

Libor – drums

Petr – bass guitar

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