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Teofilović Brothers / Serbia

The extraordinary harmony of their voices is so enchanting that the audience, while listening to the Teofilović Brothers, focuses not on their formal innovation, but on their wonderful harmony: unpretentious, full of charm and the highest craftsmanship.


Twins Ratko and Radiša Teofilović were born in Čačak in Serbia. The musical culture of Serbia and the Balkans as a whole became their greatest creative inspiration and the field for artistic reconstructions. In their own interpretations, the reach for an original two voice a capella formula, which has not been used before. Together with the Balkan repertoire, it has become the trademark of the Brothers. 

Their professional music and concert career began in the early 1990s, when they recorded thirty pieces for the state radio and television. Their debut album, Čuvari sna [Dream Keepers] was released in 1998 and was a breakthrough in their career. The album, a collection of fifteen traditional Serbian folk songs, was well received by both music professional reviewers and audiences. Today, their discography includes five LPs. In addition to their debut, they are: Sabazorski Vetrovi [Winds of Dawn] (2002), Koncert – Belgrade Live (2007), Teofilovići & Miroslav Tadić – Vidarica, (2012), Teofilovići (2016).

Ratko Teofilović – vocals 
Radiša Teofilović – vocals

The concert took place in 2018.

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