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M. Miecznikowski

J. Słowińska

Tango Moderne – Joanna Słowińska and Maciej Miecznikowski (Poland)

(30.07.2010, 8:00 PM, PWST)


The biggest Polish pre-war (Second World War) record label: Syrena Rekord has registered about 2200 songs in the tango rhythm... The 30's were the time of explosion of popularity of this genre and an attempt to free Polish tango from outside compositions, but at the same time the ongoing process of conventionalizing the form. At the concert of „Tango Moderne” we will hear compositions of masters of the genre (H. Wars, A. Gold, Z. Białostocki, J. Petersburski), written to the lyrics of brilliant poets (for example: J. Tuwim and M. Hemar). Tango Moderne is also a reference (in innovative arranges, modern compositions and lyrics) to the culturally colorful musical traditions of the time period of Second Republic in Polish history (1918-45): Klezmer and Gypsy themes and Russian romance tradition. Słowińska and Miecznikowski? The volcano of energy, musical charisma, professionalism. In double dose. Duo, that have never been seen before. Even before war... Tango Moderne, which is a conventionalized formula of tango and romance, in the times of revues and cinema theaters gets a new sound!


Joanna Słowińska

Charismatic singer. She is known by the ethno and world music admirers for the repertoire based on Polish and Slavic traditional music. With her original recitals she performed in most European countries and in the USA on many prestigious stages and festivals (i. e. NY Broadway Symphony Space, Chicago Culture Center). She is concerting with a band consisting of Krakow instrumentalists. Since 2001 she has permanently worked with Zygmunt Konieczny („Konieczny w Teatrze Staniewskiego”, „Serce moje gram”, „Norwid – Bal”, „Noc listopadowa”). Laureate of many prestigious festivals (Polish Radio Festival 'New Tradition' – 1999, 2004, 2005, Actor's Song Festival in Wroclaw – 2004, Polish Song Festival in Opole – a finalist of „Superjedynki 2009” contest for the original studio album „Możesz być”) and a laureate of Phonographic Academy ZPAV (as a soloist of „Tryptyk Świętokrzyski”). In the Polish Radio 'New Tradition' contest solo albums of Joanna were awarded twice as a Folk Album of the Year („Live in Alchemia” - 2005, „Możesz być” - 2008).


„(...) the personality at the level of Cezaria Evory, Omara or Lila Downs – the one singing in the film <<Frida>>”

[Wojciech Ossowski, Polish Radio 3 - „Trójka”]


„(...) the First Lady of Polish folk - one of the most fascinating and expressive vocalists on the Polish music scene”

[Tomasz Janas, „Gazeta Wyborcza”]


Maciej Miecznikowski

Charismatic vocalist and musician. He graduated opera singing (bass voice) at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. He is creating in almost every musical genre – from choral singing, through punk and blues (for example he was a vocalist of Polish band Pudelsi for a year). Leader of the band Leszcze, with which he was appreciated with Journalists' Award (Polish Song Fesival Opole 2002 - „Ta dziewczyna”) and Audience Award (Opole 2008 - „Tak się bawi nasza klasa”). In 2005 he released a solo album with songs of Agnieszka Osiecka and Andrzej Zieliński - „Czarodzieje”. Since March, 2008 he is a host of extremely popular TV show „Tak to leciało” (TVP2).


„(...) Polish Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, Elvis Presley”

[Kuba Wojewódzki]


„(...) Miecznikowski sheds a new light on the creativity of the famous duo. He adds sophisticated atmosphere, dresses it in new clothes. The attitude of Miecznikowski to the lyrics of Osiecka is subtle and serious. His interpretations are a proof of his total integration with these authors. (...)”

[Bartek Szopiński, „Czarodzieje”; infomusic]


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska – vocals, violin

Maciej Miecznikowski – vocals

Kamil Barański – keyboards

Mikołaj Blajda – double bass

Wojtek Fedkowicz – drums

Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski – saxophone/flute

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