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Talya G. A Solan & Israeli Ethnic Ensemble (Israel)

(28.07.2011, 7:00 PM, PWST)


The band is a cultural connection (musicians comes from different countries), which embodies rich, mosaic character of Israel. The music of the band is inspired by either ancient sources of Jewish music, or modern culture of Israel. The group consist of five musicians: Talya G. A Solan (vocals), Idan Toledano (flamenco guitar, bouzouki, oud), Pavel Levin (violin), Gilad Ephrat (double bass), Aviad Ben Yehuda (drums). The band has participated in many international festivals, concerting all over the world. They visited USA, Portugal, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria among others.


Talya G. A Solan

The singer that was born in Rehovot in Israel. She has also Bulgarian and Yemeni roots. Her singing – versatile and multi-timbre: from Yemeni trills, to Bulgarian folk songs. Her spectacles draw inspiration from many traditions and musical legacies: Gypsy folk songs, Judeo-Spanish songs, liturgical songs for celebrations and ordinary days and Jewish religious texts („Song of Songs”, versets from „Psalms”, etc.).

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