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A. Broda


Special Concert: SZTETL

Burdon / Ania Broda / Muzykanci (Ukraine/Poland)

(21.07.2013, 7:00 PM, Tempel Synagogue)


Burdon (Ukraine)

Burdon specializes in the performance of the music of the Carpathians, but the sources of their inspiration come from almost all of Europe: from Scandinavia to the Balkans. However, the group's repertoire is based primarily on traditional music from Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. Burdon's music consists of old songs and melodies in modern arrangements, a world full of energy, charm, passion, love and mysticism. Many songs were inspired by the local traditions of ethnic groups living in the Carpathians: Lemkos, Boykos and Hutsuls. From this multicultural mosaic, Burdon creates its own unique sound, based on female singing, violin, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, Swedish moraharpa, jew's harp, mandolin, double bass and drums... The band emphasized their ten-year activity by releasing their fourth album "Diwycia" ["The Virgin"], which contains intriguing and dynamic, funny and dramatic, charming and mystical stories about girls. Girls in the stories are from across the Dnieper and from Tarnopol, from Podole and Polesie; Ukrainian, Macedonian, Romanian, Gypsy, Greek and Turkish... The band gave concerts, among others. in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Germany and Canada.


Band members:

Olena Yeremenko – violin, moraharpa, vocals, mandolin, viori cu goarna

Oksana Hryńko – vocals, accordion, fujara (Slovak pipe)

Dana Bonczuk – vocals

Michaił Kaczalow – fiddle

Liubomyr Iszczuk – big drum, darabuka, daf, mandolin, jew's harp, didgeridoo, hurdy-gurdy

Iwan Ohar – double bass

Rost Tatomyr – bouzouki, vocals, saz, slide-guitar


Ania Broda (Poland)

Vocalist, dulcimerist, multi-instrumentalist; co-founder of Kapela Brodów, with which she recorded five albums. Her latest - original album: "A ja nie chcę spać" ["And I don't want to sleep"], inspired by the poems of Polish poets (including Danuta Wawiłow, Dorota Gellner, Natalia Usenko, Teofil Lenartowicz, Włodzimierz Słobodnik, Witek Broda). A charismatic and versatile artist; she co-creates music projects with a wide range of styles: from the reconstruction of Polish traditional music, through projects of sacred music and author's song, to jazz and musical experiments. She is the author of music for theater performances and she hosts vocal workshops. She collaborated with Program 2 of the Polish Radio and with Polish Television. She performed vocal parts in the performance "Pamiętam. Katyń 1940" by Łukasz Rostkowski L.U.C.


(also: WORKSHOPS: Traditional Polish songs: 18.07.2013, 4:30-6:00 PM and 20.07.2013, 1:30-3:00 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No. 7)


Ania's repertoire consists of secular and religious works from the area of the Polish First Republic (until 1795), which she performs with the performance manners of the original.


Muzykanci (Poland)

Muzykanci are one of the most important bands on the Polish folk scene. The group is appreciated by critics and public. Laureates of many prestigious award: Grand Prix of Polish Radio 'New Tradition' prestigious contest, the main prize of the Euro Folk festival and others. Their debut album "Muzykanci" (1999) gained the title of Folk Phonogram of the Year and in 2012 – in the internet vote organized by Polish Radio it was chosen the best folk album from all the records ever nominated or awarded in the 14-year history of the contest. They have performed on stages in Poland and Europe (including Germany, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Belarus). After a few-year break, they have revived their artistic activity. Their repertoire includes folk songs from almost all corners of Poland, but also Lemko, Hungarian, Balkan, as well as Gypsy and Jewish music. Another albums of Muzykanci are: „A na onej górze...” - containing mostly Polish folk ballads; Christmas carol album „Gore Gwiazda”; and „Muzykanci i Hradistan” - recorded in Czech Republic studio-concert album, with the participation of famous group of Jerzy Pavlica – Hradistan. They have also made numerous recordings for Polish Radio, Polish Television and other European broadcasters.

„Someone said folk is fashionable, but it's not a fashion. Regardless of the word play, Muzykanci do not fit into this fashion. They are simply above that. (...)” [Tomasz Janas, „Gazeta Wyborcza”]


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska – vocals, violin

Jan Słowiński – vocals, viola

Jacek Hałas – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, jew's harp

Alicja Hałas – frame drum, gordon

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