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Szepszerevel / Hungary


The band draws on the tradition of the Csángó – it plays traditional, energetic, trance-like Hungarian folk music, originating from Moldova and Gyimes, regions located on both sides of the Eastern Carpathians, in the area of present-day Romania, and once the Kingdom of Hungary.

The members of the band live in Budapest, but have learned about music and folk customs through their own experience. They are students of rural musicians, mainly from Transylvania. Gyulai Farkas plays the violin, flutes and kaval, and Sámsondi Gergely plays the kobza and dulcimer. They admit that they like the oldest forms of folk music very much. They are ready to swap instruments. They promote traditional instrument tuning, as well as melodies, musical scales, songs and dances at appropriate tempos. They are happy to teach the audience their songs and lyrics (!) so that everyone can join as a chorus. The advantage of the dances they offer is the fact that most of them are circle dances, so you don't have to have a partner, and the steps are usually simple, although the pace can be very fast.
Gyulai Farkas – violin, flutes, kaval
Sámsondi Gergely – kobza, dulcimer

The concert took place in 2019.

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