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DD Synthesis (Macedonia)


DD Synthesis is a group that was founded in 1995 to deeply explore the greatest treasures of Macedonian music. The word for 'synthesis' was chosen as the name of the band to express the idea that is driving the musicians: combining traditional sound with contemporary arrangements. The search among the deepest traditions and monuments of Macedonian folklore and the group's interest in traditional compositions have brought many good reviews for breathing a new life into this world. Every lover of Balkan music should pay attention to DD Synthesis's melancholy journeys through the complex rhythms of Macedonia that convey the emotional transmission of its heritage. Macedonia has finally created a contemporary music venture on a global scale!

The group uses a complete staffage of Macedonian original instruments: kaval, gaida, zurla, tapan as well as tarabuka and tambura. DD Synthesis is made up of professional musicians. The band consists of three vocalists performing songs in accordance with the local vocal tradition, and instrumentalists: two drummers, one musician playing keyboards, one playing on tambura, and musicians standing in the front, playing instruments such as kaval, gaida or zurla.


concert: Friday, September 9 at 9.00-10.30 PM

stage at the Main Square

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