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Sprinkle Blizzard / Austria/Ukraine/Belgium/Poland

Sprinkle Blizzard makes music for balfolk dance meetings. The band comprises five experienced musicians, five fascinating musical personalities and five instruments from different corners of Europe.

The spontaneous and passionate approach to music – traditional dance melodies and their own compositions – combined with the brilliance on stage, openness and virtuosity of the band’s members constitute a new quality in the balfolk scene. According to their interpretation, as a music genre, balfolk is spontaneous, full of improvisation, intimate, honest, combining spiritual and folk elements in an original and humorous way.

The band’s diverse repertoire includes French mazurkas, waltzes, schottishes, chappeloises, Scandinavian polkas, Breton andro, polkas and other dances. Sprinkle Blizzard cooperates with dancing groups in Poland and abroad. Flautist Jakub Szczygieł is not only a composer of a large part of the band’s repertoire, but also performs music on flutes he makes himself, as a member of GoldfinchWhistles – world-famous family instrument-making workshop.

Although the band members have known each other for a long time and met many times on the musical trails as members of other bands, they started playing together at the turn of 2017 and 2018 during the Folk Marathon Festival in Brno. The final line-up came to be during the Lovembal 2018 balfolk festival in Poznań. 

Angelika Hudler (Austria) – violin
Olena Yeremenko (Ukraine) – nyckelharpa
Eulalie Hupin (Belgium) – accordion
Jakub “Goldfinch” Szczygieł (Poland) – Irish transverse flute, low whistle
Jan Gałczewski (Poland) – Irish buzuki

The concert took place in 2018.

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