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Sokół Orkestar / Poland

15.07.2014 / Tuesday / 8.00-9.00 PM
Alchemia / Kraków, ul. Estery 5

Sokół Orkestar is a project which reflects the fascination of the leader of the group: Przemek Sokół – with ethnic music, especially that performed on brass instruments. The reference to the unique style of playing musical instruments characteristic for the Balkans, but also next to huge dose of Balkan energy there are also melodies inspired by traditional Polish music. Slavic temperament, primary and untamed energy...

Przemek Sokół – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal
Piotr Bednarczyk – trumpet
Kuba Mietla – accordion
Krzysztof Wyrwa – bass guitar
Łukasz Kurzydło – percussion
Grzegorz Bauer – percussion

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