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(25.07.2009, 7:00 PM, Main Square)


The project of Joanna Słowińska and Krakow instrumentalists, inspired by Polish and Slavic traditional music.


Joanna Słowińska

Singer-songwriter and violinist. Laureate of many prestigious competitions and phonographic awards. In the Polish Radio 'New Tradition' contest solo albums of Joanna were awarded twice as a Folk Album of the Year („Live in Alchemia” - 2005, „Możesz być” - 2008). Studio album „Możesz być” by votes of internet users and public was qualified to the finals of TVP contest „Superjedynki 2008” at the Polish Song Festival in Opole. She is also a laureate of Actor's Song Festival in Wroclaw (2004), Grand Prix of Polish Radio Festival 'New Tradition' (2004), soloist of oratorio forms: „Konieczny w Teatrze Staniewskiego”, „Serce moje gram”, „Noc listopadowa” (Z. Konieczny / St. Wyspiański), „Siedem pieśni Marii” (B. Gliniak / Z. Książek) and „Tryptyk Świętokrzyski” (P. Rubik / Z. Książek). With original recitals she performed in most European countries and in USA. She is concerting with a band, consisting of Krakow instrumentalists.


„The First Lady of Polish folk – one of the most fascinating and expressive vocalists on the Polish music scene. (…) Despite achieving for years great artistic effects of her work, she is still searching for new inspirations and forms of expression. Excellent voice and artistic charisma. Słowińska, remaining fascinated for years by folk music, allows herself (and her musicians) to freely juggle with musical themes, giving them creative original mark. (…) Słowińska eludes schemas. One might say that she is going beyond the borders of folk, but maybe she widens the definition of a term. Equally strong point of her performances are either interpretations of traditional songs, or original compositions”.

[Tomasz Janas, „Gazeta Wyborcza”]


„(...) The personality at the level of Cesaria Evory, Omara and Lila Downs – the one singing in the movie <<Frida>>”.

[Wojciech Ossowski, Polish Radio „Trójka”]


„(...) Areas of modern folk, atmosphere of a club. (…) The most astonishing thing is acoustics of this music in moments, when we have an impression that artists are operating in a world of club music or electronic sounds. (…) Well, they say that writing about music is as illogical as dancing about architecture. I could write another dozens of words. But what for? Maybe you will also get a shiver. Summing up, it's my „pole position” in the ranking of „beautiful sounds, hard to classify, often folk, but not exactly”.

[Piotr Iwicki, „Gazeta Wyborcza” - „”,; „Joanna Słowińska, <<Możesz być>>: dreszcze i zaskoczenie”]


„(...) Phenomenal, traditional „white voice” of Joanna Słowińska (…) brings music from the areas of „land of gentleness” of Polish folk. (…) It is arranged in a minimalist, acoustic and jazz way”.

[„Wprost” - „7 godzin na kulturę; <<Możesz być>>: Słowińska Słowiańska”]


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska – vocals, violin

Mikołaj Blajda – double bass

Paweł Odorowicz – viola

Marcin Wyrostek – accordion

Jan Słowiński – viola

Tomasz Wertz – percussion instruments

Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski – transverse flute, saxophone

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