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Sher on a Shier / Germany

Sher on a Shier is a Yiddish phrase that loosely translates as “neverending dance”. It is also the name of the German quartet tirelessly searching for the perfect sound of klezmer music. The ensemble continues to develop its own programme and artistic message all the while keeping in mind works by the great music groups of old Eastern Europe.

By building their music around the clarinet, flute, accordion and double bass, the artists create beautiful, authentic sounds. They strive to show their listeners the indelible tension between tradition and its revival and modernity. The four artists, joined by their love of the Jewish music of Eastern Europe, bring melodies and passions from a different world, creating a fascinating atmosphere.

Franka Lampe is one of the most esteemed accordionists on the klezmer and Balkan scene in Germany. She composes theatre music and works with acclaimed European and American artists. Sabine Döll’s main subject of study was flute. She works with many other musicians and is the winner of an international music competition in France. The clarinettist Anja Günther first encountered klezmer music when she was just ten years old, and she has been faithful to it ever since. She frequently hosts clarinet workshops. The violinist Johannes Paul Gräßer is the founder and member of many ensembles. He has performed at countless festivals, including the Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków.

Franka Lampe - accordion
Sabine Döll - double bass, flute
Anja Günther - clarinet
Johannes Paul Gräßer - violin


The concert took place in 2015.

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