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photo by Natalia Guzak

Roman Kumłyk and the band Czeremosz (Ukraine, Hutsul region)


The music of Roman Kumłyk is an extraordinary weave of extraordinary talent and culture of the region in which he was born and raised: in Werchowyna - the heart of Czarnohora. These elements seem to dominate his personality completely and blur the boundaries between everyday life and art. We will hear the archaic Hutsul music of Czarnohora, Gorgan and other regions of the Eastern Carpathians. Roman Kumłyk, as well as the band Czeremosz, use traditional Hutsul instruments: violin, sopilka, dvoyanka, Jew's harp, cimbalom and drum.


The concert took place at the Main Square, 29 July 2000, 4:30 PM

Hutsul dance workshops took place at the Klub Pod Jaszczurami (Main Square 8), July 29, 2000, during the Hutsul night at the Festival Club (9:00 PM – 2:00 AM)

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