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R.U.T.A. na Uschod (Poland/Belarus/Ukraine)

(21.07.2012, 8:00 PM, Main Square)


"R.U.T.A. na Uschod" - extension of the spectacular project "R.U.T.A." - the artistic initiative of Maciek Szajkowski (founder and musician of Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa [Warsaw Village Band]) - with the participation of artists from Belarus (Nasta Niakrasava) and Ukraine (Hulajhorod). Songs of peasants' revolt against the feudal system of exploitation - supplemented with themes of archaic folk songs of rebellion from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The most influential vocalists of socially concerned Polish rock scene were invited to perform there: Paweł "Guma" Gumola (Moskwa), Robert "Robal" Matera (Dezerter), Nika (Post Regiment) and Hubert "Spięty" Dobaczewski (Lao Che). The music is performed on acoustic instruments: Płock and medieval fiddles, sases, traditional baraban, frame drum, double bass and saw etc. by an array of folk music personalities; on the stage there will be musicians of the bands: Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa [Warsaw Village Band], Rivendell, Mosaic, Maćko Korba. R.U.T.A could be translated as the Movement of Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy or as the Reactionary Terrorist-Artistic Union. Radical music clan. A heretical coalition of outlaws, renegades, and culturally infamous. It is a cry of rebellion from the depths of the feudal world that has passed and changed its face, but it is not over. Opposition to the master caste and slave society.


Band members:

Guma Kanonier – guitar, throat

Infamia Kosa – baroque violin, throat

Nyga Jakubek Mamuna – Płock fiddle

Sroka – viola d'amore

Banita Madej – bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, saw, throat

Harry Pohybel Watażka – baraban, snare drum, percussion cymbals

Raban Orda Ordyniec – saz, throat

Robal – bass guitar, throat

Ronin – bandmaster, composition, basolia, kosmonolith, throat

Szaja Bisurman – buzdygan (mace), frame drum, throat

featuring: Apostazja Nahajkowiczówna Niakrasava (Belarus) – throat

and the band Hulajhorod (Ukraine):

Severyn Danyleyko – throat

Oleksandr Vovk – throat

Iryna Baramba – throat

Sergii Postolnikov – throat

Anastasiia Filatova – throat

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