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Robin Mark Quartet / Switzerland

The quartet, led by Robin Mark, performs new Swiss folk music in their own, unique style.

The ensemble, active on music stages since 2010, intertwines elements of jazz, folk and traditional music. Their works feature a wide range of sounds and moods, from the lyrical and melancholic to emotional impulses.

Robin Mark, born and resident in the Swiss Alps, creates his musical world with the Schwyzerörgeli – the traditional Swiss diatonic accordion. He says, “I create my music, and I leave definitions to others”. He first took up the accordion when he was a teenager, under the tuition of his father. His career path has been unusual: he has worked as a bank clerk, blogger and journalist, and he has been educated in marketing and communications. He devoted himself fully to his music a few years ago.

Mark is also the leader of a few other ensembles. Each one is centred on the distinctive sound of his accordion. He has recorded over a dozen albums, dominated by his creative vision and interpretations of Swiss traditions. He has been awarded numerous prizes at music competitions, and he participates in TV and theatre productions. He is an important personality on the Swiss new folk scene, searching for new talents, educating young musicians and encouraging them to seek inspiration in traditional music.


Robin Mark - swiss diatonic accordion
Florian Mächler - guitar
Pirmin Huber - double bass
Lukas von Flüe - drums


The concert took place in 2015.

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