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Południca! (Poland)

(29.07.2010, 9:00 PM, Fabryka)


Południca! was created two years ago, in current member composition they've been playing for half a year. At the beginning only women members, minimalistic sound and strong ethno component. Sound of the band evokes contemporary alternative, musical experiments. In the concert repertoire the main part are original songs, referencing to transpositions of all folk traditions, made by artists of "Młoda Polska" generation [Polish modernism]. For example the song "Paskudztwo" is old „Poor Wanderers” song, adapted to modernist ground and song "Latawce" is a reference to „chochoł” [„mulch”] singing from S. Wyspiański modernist drama „Wesele” [„The Wedding”]. In May they released their first album: "Spóźnione wejście w XXI wiek". They write about themselves: "Woman with Invisible Plane and Moon Pierrot. Our feature is square attitude to music. Avant-pop in Middle-European style. Our music is simple songs about animals and women. Without morals".


Band members:

Kobieta Kot [Catwoman] - vocals

Srebrny Surfer [Silver Surfer] - mandola, keyboards

Hulk - percussion instruments, dulcimer

Kapitan Żbik - percussion set, cajon

Dick Tracy - clarinet

Spray - double bass

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