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Svetlana Spajić Group / Serbia

We have before us a meeting with one of the most valued and respected figures of contemporary Balkan culture. Svetlana Spajić, who comes from Serbia, is an authority in the field of the ancient vocal traditions of this part of Europe.

Svetlana Spajić devoted herself to research into the unique technique and ornamentation of microtone a cappella singing. Travelling in the Balkans, she learned from the oldest rural singers. She transformed her twenty-five years of experience into the Svetlana Spajić Group – a Belgrade-based women’s ensemble, often inviting rural singers to take part in their concerts. Spajić conducts workshops and lectures on traditional Serbian culture and singing both in Serbia and abroad. Svetlana Spajić has cooperated with eminent world folk singers, among others with Hronis Aidonidis, Domna Samiou, Yanka Rupkina and Stella Chiweshe, as well as artists from the field of modern and avant-garde music and art: Marina Abramović, Robert Wilson, Sainkho Namtchylak, Antony, William Basinski, Urs Leimgruber, Boris Kovač and the Zeitkratzer ensemble.

The wide, varied and demanding repertoire of the Svetlana Spajić group includes the oldest traditional Serbian forms – potresalica and kantalica. The group has performed with great success on stages all over the world, from Concertgebouw Amsterdam, through Wiener Konzerthaus, to Taipei National Concert Hall, at festivals of traditional polyphony, folk and world music. Her records have been very well received. Since 2011, the members of the group have been part of the theatrical performance Life and Death of Marina Abramović by the American visionary Robert Wilson.

The ensemble’s faithfulness to the old rules of traditional singing and uncompromising, emotional concerts have brought it international recognition.
Svetlana Spajić-Latinović – vocals
Marija Mersnik – vocals
Jovana Lukić – vocals

The concert took place in 2019.

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