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Palóc (Hungary)


The Palóc group is consisted of the younsters from the town of Szecseny and inspired by dances and songs of the „Palóc Land” - northern region of Hungary, mainly Nógrad province with its historical area that is part of Slovakia now and also Borsod and Heves. The ancestors of modern Palóc inhabitants were Cumans (Polovtsians) of Turkish roots. Today the most eye-catching are their customs, historical clothing and complicated dialect; the area inhabited by the Palóc people is culturally and linguistically diversed: especially visible is the Slovakian influence, which is present in Western Palóc culture since 17th Century. The Palóc group concerted in many European countries, in the last years by the direction of Tibor Hajas (dance) and Peter Lenkó (music).


29.07.2006, 6:00 PM, Main Square

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