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Orkiestra pw. Świętego Mikołaja (Poland)


Orchestra of Saint Nicholas is one of the leading folk groups in the country. As one of the first bands, they included in their repertoire the music that was inspired by Slavic musical folklore, mainly Polish, Lemko and Hutsul, which, apart from numerous concerts, is documented by the band's rich discography. The musicians try to perform the songs in a way that is interesting for the contemporary listener by playing exotic acoustic instruments, including dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, pipes, congas, balalaika, accompanied by guitars, mandolin and violin. "Mikołaje" [„Nicholases”] are also animators of the folk movement in Lublin, which was of great importance for the creation of other, extremely interesting groups, focused around the Lublin community, including the bands Się Gra and Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza. The orchestra is also known for the long-standing organization of the Mikołajki Folkowe festival and for publishing the folk magazine "Gadki z Chatki".


concert: Saturday, September 8 at 3.00-4.00 PM

stage at the Main Square

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