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Amine & Hamza Mraihi

Mikołaj Blajda

Orient Express Orchestra (Tunisia/Sweden/Poland)

(31.07.2010, 8:00 PM, PWST)


Part 1: Amine and Hamza

Two brothers – one passion. A journey to the world without borders, inspiration by „maqam” tradition, improvisation and search for new sounds and rhythms. Openess and cooperation with musicians, coming from different cultural traditions. They have been playing worldwide on many prestigious stages and festivals (BBC International World Festival, Kennedy Center Washington, Festival of Arab Music of Montreal, Arab World Institute of Paris, Cairo Opera House, Beirut Medina Theatre, Tunis Medina Festival, The Jordan Jarach Festival, Carthage Festival, Fierra Mediterranea [Spain], Oriental Music Festival [Denmark]). They have recorded seven albums: „Ala Mar Azaman” (2003), „Il A Hounak” (2004), „Asfar” (2005), „Things May Change” (2006), „Mani Nessi” (2007), „Tunifunk” (2009), „Perpetual Motion” (2009).


Band members:

Amine Mraihi – al oud

Hamza Mraihi – kanun



Part 2: Orient Express Orchestra

Premiere music project, which core consist of Krakow artists: Mikołaj Blajda (bass, loops, artistic direction), Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski (saxophone/flute), Tomasz Wertz (drums), Jakub Mietła (accordion). The impuls for creating the band was an inspiration by culture, especially Far-East music. As the famous train connecting Europe with Arabic countries years ago, Orient Express Orchestra has an agenda to create this kind of connection in artistic and metaphysical spheres. Excellent Tunisian duo: Amine Mraihi (al oud) and Hamza Mraihi (kanun), performing music on traditional instruments inspired by Arabic folklore, was also invited to the project. Joint inspirations of musicians from Europe and Tunisia create new, unique sounds. Currently O. E. Orchestra is working on their original studio album. Quartet Art Deco and orchestra Fresco Sonare are also cooperating with the project.


Band members:

Amine Mraihi (Tunisia) – al oud

Hamza Mraihi (Tunisia) – kanun

Fredrik Gille (Sweden) – percussion set

Mikołaj Blajda (Poland) – bass, loops, artistic direction

Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski (Poland) – saxophone/flute

Tomasz Wertz (Poland) – percussion set

Jakub Mietła (Poland) – accordion

Art Deco – string quartet

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