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Olo Walicki – "Kaszëbë" (Poland)


Double bass player, composer, arranger, producer. He worked with many Polish jazz stars, for example with Leszek Możdżer and Zbigniew Namysłowski. He was participating in the recording of approximately 40 albums and also in the recording of film and theater music for Zbiegniew Preisner, among others. In 2003 he started a cooperation with a drama writer Ingmar Villqist – he wrote the music for his spectacles: „Sprawa Miasta Ellmit”, „Helmucik”, „Oskar i Ruth” and „Kompozycja w Słońcu”. He is considered one of the most original double bass players of Polish jazz scene. Additionally from working with the best musicians, he fulfills his own original projects. There has been said that when he comes on a stage, he has the absolute power, he seduces the crowd with charisma and talent. In the autumn of 2006 he released an album „Kaszëbë” with tasty ballads, sung in dying Kashubian language.


„After releasing the album <<Metalla Pretiosa>>, recorded with classic brass quartet The Gdańsk Philharmonic Brass, Leszek Możdżer and Maurice De Martin, I've decided to create a project devoted to the Kashubian culture. (…) To the songs, containing free instrumental improvisations, enhanced by futuristic sounds, there were written lyrics in an barely known, but beautiful and expressive Kashubian language. (…) During working on this project I wanted to strongly cut off from the commonly acknowledged, museum-folk image of Kashubia and to propose alternatively the contemporary act, based on this culture and created in this region of Poland”.

[Olo Walicki]


Karolina Amirian – vocals

Maria Namysłowska – vocals

Piotr Pawlak – guitar

Olo Walicki – double bass

Kuba Staruszkiewicz – drums

Cezary Paciorek – accordion, hammond


The project „Olo Walicki – Kaszëbë” was created with a financial support of Metlife – Social Security Company.


26.07.2007, 9:00 PM, Szczepański Square

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