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Nomadic Voices / Sardinia/Mongolia

Nomadic Voices is a project searching for deep, spiritual, passionate connections between representatives of distant cultures.

It brings together artists from Sardinia and Mongolia. The ancient tradition of vocal polyphony from Southern Europe encounters an equally fascinating singing heritage from the heart of Asia. It is an artistic testament of dialogue, openness and tolerance. The project brings together members of the legendary Sardinian formation Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei with Mongolian artists Tsogtgerel Tserendavaa and Ganzoring Nergui.

The repertoire of the Sardinian ensemble, founded in 1978, includes religious “cuncordu” and pastoral “a tenore” songs (the latter were inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008). The ensemble’s aim has always been to faithfully preserve traditional repertoire; fortunately, natural continuation means that these song traditions have existed in Sardinia without interruption. Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei are known to international audiences through their albums released by the acclaimed label Winter & Winter, including “Tenore de Orosei – amore profundhu”, “Cuncordu de Orosei – Miserere” and “Colla Voche”. The latter was recorded jointly with the celebrated Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger.

In turn, the Mongolian artists recall their ancient local traditions, including the classical throat singing style khoomei. They also play traditional instruments, such as the bowed string instrument morin khuur, listed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. During the festival, they will also host throat singing workshops.

The artists from Sardinia and Mongolia – far-flung parts of the world – find common elements in ancient, archaic forms of singing recalling the days when humankind was at one with nature.

Massimo Roych - vocals
Mario Siotto - vocals
Gian Nicola Appeddu - vocals
Piero Pala - vocals
Tonino Carta - vocals
Tsogtgerel Tserendavaa - vocals, morin khuur
Ganzorig Nergui - vocals, morin khuu


The concert took place in 2015.

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