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Muzykanci (Poland)


One of the leading Polish folk bands, they have been playing for five years, inspired by the traditional music of Poland and Central Europe (winner of all possible awards on the folk scene in '99: Grand Prix of Polish Radio 'New Tradition', Grand Prix Eurofolk and Folk Album of the Year Awards for the CD "Muzykanci"). The forms of the band's activity are very diverse: from playing at weddings (10 hours of repertoire without repeating themes), conducting workshops and dancing parties, to organizing a festival (Rozstaje 99, Rozstaje 2000), animating the activities of Krakow and Poznan „Houses of Dance” and playing many large concerts, both at home and abroad (including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Belarus).


„Muzykanci – the new splendor of Eastern European culture (...)”

[Michael Kohler, "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"]


„Someone said that folk is fashionable but it's not a fashion. Regardless of the word play, Muzykanci do not fit into this fashion. They are simply above that. (...)”

[Tomasz Janas, "Gazeta Wyborcza"]


concert: Saturday, September 8 at 5.30-6.30 PM | stage at the Main Square


workshops: Muzykanci – the hosts of the Festival Club

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (6-8 September), from 9.00 PM, Festival Club Pod Jaszczurami, Main Square 8

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