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Muzykanci (Poland)

(31.07.2010, 11:00 PM, Fabryka)


Muzykanci are one of the most important bands on the Polish folk scene. The group is appreciated by critics and public. Laureates of: Grand Prix of Polish Radio 'New Tradition' prestigious contest, the main prize of the Euro Folk festival and the title of Folk Phonogram of the Year for their debut album „Muzykanci”. They have performed on stages in Poland and Europe (including Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Belarus). After a few-year break, they have revived their artistic activity in January, 2010. Their repertoire includes folk songs from almost all corners of Poland, but also Lemko, Hungarian, Balkan, as well as Gypsy and Jewish music. Another albums of Muzykanci are: „A na onej górze...” - containing mostly Polish folk ballads; Christmas carol album „Gore Gwiazda”; „Muzykanci i Hradistan” - recorded in Czech Republic studio-concert album, with the participation of famous group of Jerzy Pavlica – Hradistan.


„Muzykanci - the new splendor of Eastern European culture (...)”

Michael Kohler, „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”


„Someone said folk is fashionable, but it's not a fashion. Regardless of the word play, Muzykanci do not fit into this fashion. They are simply above that. (...)”

Tomasz Janas, „Gazeta Wyborcza”


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska – vocals, violin

Jan Słowiński – vocals, viola, basolia

Jacek Hałas – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, accordion

Alicja Hałas – frame drum

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