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Muzicka / Slovakia

One of the finest groups from Slovakia, well known and popular in Poland, comes to the festival with a concert and workshops.

Founded in 1990 in Bratislava by local students, Muzička quickly became one of the most important folk ensembles in the country. The group seeks out music from all regions of Slovakia while respecting its original style. For many years, the musicians have been a part of Tanečný Dom in Bratislava. When asked what they are about, they answer, “We are passionate about traditional Slovakian music, and we try to play it as often and as well as possible: for the public, for friends, for our own pleasure. Music has been evolving over the centuries, and it has always accompanied our everyday experiences. From baptism to burial – it all forms the space which has been created to describe humankind’s deepest joys and sorrows. We try to preserve its spirit; we believe performing with a full dedication to the dance and the sound is the right way for the traditions to survive.” 

The ensemble’s sound, based around violin, viola and double bass, brings to mind the classic Hungarian ensemble Muzsikás; Muzička’s performances also feature presentations of traditional dances. 

Their concert during the festival is about more than music: pieces from different parts of Slovakia will be accompanied by traditional regional dances. The artists also host workshops.

Tomáš Brunovský - violin
Laco Fekete - violin
Ivan Hanula - violin
Martin Brunovský - second violin 
Mišo Brdársky - second viola
Peter Obuch - double bass, oral bass

The concert took place in 2019.

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