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Mr. Folxlide / Czech Republic/Brittany, France

Euro-American roots, guitar made out of a cigar box, vocals, looper and feet.  Mr. Folxlide is the best cross between balfolk and blues.

European folk dance music combined with the raw sound of the stylish American & cigar box & and old blues adapted for balfolk dances. This is a patent that has been tested at many festivals throughout Europe. Shake well before use!

Mikuláš Bryan works hard to promote the Czech scene and regularly teaches blues and dance techniques. He studied in Brittany for a year, dancing and performing with the Cercle Celtique des Rennes. His other dance inspirations include tango, swing, salsa and balboa, combined with jazz and contemporary workshops. Although he approaches each dance with deep respect for its roots and traditions, he always strives to broaden his horizons by building a bridge between tradition and modernity. The same applies to his music, his band and his solo project, Mr. Folxlide. They are all a melting pot of balfolk, blues, Americana and new French music. His teaching experience ranges from small workshops to long training camps and activities for several hundred people at festivals such as Gennetines or Boombal.

Mr. Folxlide – Mikuláš Bryan

The concert took place in 2019.

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