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M. Lakatos


Monika Lakatos & Romengo (Hungary)

(24.07.2009, 7:00 PM, Main Square)

WORKSHOPS: Roma dances: 24.07.2009, 2:00-4:00 PM, Rotunda


Romengo is a new sound of East European Roma music. The popularity of astonishing Monika Lakatos goes beyond the borders of Hungary. Her voice is intriguing, energetic and passionate, close to the oldest performing traditions. She sings her own songs and traditional ones from the Olah family, from which she comes from. She sings and dances from early childhood. The result of the teamwork in Romengo band is unique sound, the proof of vitality of Olah's legacy. The first album of the band will be released in autumn, 2009. The band has concerted in many European countries. They are in Poland for the first time – at the Rozstaje/Crossroads Festival.


Band members:

Monika Lakatos – vocals, dancing

Michaly Mazsi Rozstas – vocals, guitar, oral bass

Janos Gusti Lakatos – oral bass, jug, dancing

Misi Kovacs – violin

Csaba Novak – double bass

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