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Mohammad Rasooli (Iran)

(25.07.2008, 8:00 PM, Rotunda - „Concert of one instrument”)


He was born in the summer of 1351 of Iranian sun calendar. He is a graduate of Academy of Music in Teheran. He studied playing ney (flute), tora (saz/beglama, long neck lute) and tombak (or zarb – percussion instrument). He is playing ney since 1991 and after graduation he continued learning from Mohammad Ali Kijaninegad and Hasan Kasai. He learned traditional Iranian music from Maggid Kijani. He concerted a lot in Iran. In Poland he works with Maria Pomianowska, Sol et Luna duo and the band Świat. He performed here with Beethoven Academy Orchestra, with orchestra of Otwarta Filharmonia Agrafki Muzycznej, Kalisz Philharmonia and Sinfonia Baltica Philharmonia. On the concert in Studio S-1 of Polish Radio he performed a song „Ney Nava” of brilliant Iranian composer Hossein Alizadeh. It was the first performance of this song on ney and string orchestra in the history of Eastern Europe.

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