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Megitza (Poland)

(17.07.2013, 9:00 PM, Alchemia)


Megitza (Małgorzata Babiarz) is considered a great discovery and a concert revelation among worldbeat audiences. She started her music career in 2008 in Chicago. Eleven years of stay in the USA resulted in cooperation with many excellent musicians (Nicolae Feraru, Andreas Kapsalis, James Gallagher and others). Endowed with charisma and musical talent, she crosses stylistic and language barriers. She sings in English, Polish, Polish Highlanders' dialect, Serbian, Mecedonian, Romani... The repertoire of her group consists mainly of original compositions by Małgorzata. After returning to Poland, she entered the music scenes in Poland and Europe with a verve (concerts as part of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Wien Jazz Festival in Austria, Klausenbauernhof in Germany and others). She has recorded four albums; the last three (!) in 2012: "Legenda", "Megitza" and "Dobra Nowina".


Band members:

Megitza – vocals, double bass

Jarosław Dzień – guitar

Dominik Mietła – trumpet

Jakub Mietła – bayan

Damian Niewiński – drums

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