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Maniucha Bikont / Poland

Singer, cultural anthropologist, participating in field studies in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, member of musical bands and theatre groups working with traditional music, rituals, improvisation and unconventional vocal techniques.

A vocalist of Dziczka, Z lasu, Zespół Śpiewaczy Ewy Grochowskiej, Tęgie Chłopy and many more, performing traditional music in crudo. During the workshop we will learn about selected range of songs, accompanying peasants in their everyday life and work. We will dive into the repertoire from eastern Poland and western Ukraine (Polesie). We will also have an opportunity to listen to lullabies sung during work in the field, harvest songs, forest and field songs, songs of shepherds, as well as mushroom, berry and cranberry pickers. The repertoire was collected by the artist herself during field studies, and from archive recordings.

The workshops took place in 2016.

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