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Mokoomba / Zimbabwe

According to one reviewer, the raw energy of the afro-fusion, offered by the band is like a rollercoaster ride. This is a perfect example how to present a new and modern music, attractive to the audiences worldwide while remaining loyal to one’s own roots and tradition. The Mokoomba group from Zimbabwe is considered to be one of the most important young bands in Africa. Their success stems from skilful combination of their Tonga tradition with pan-African music, elements of rap, ska, Afro-Cuban sounds or soukous, often referred to as African rumba.

The band was founded in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. They offer an exciting combination of traditional and modern sounds. Its members started from old local rhythms, and they try to reach the sound that enriches the band’s message through electric instruments and solutions typical for Western music. They draw inspiration mainly from their own Tonga tradition. The band has been present on the world music scene since 2001, and today it is one of the highly regarded and promising bands in southern parts of Africa.

The victory at the 2008 international Music Crossroads festival in Malawi was a turning point in their career. Thanks to this success, the artists visited over 40 countries in the world with their tour, spanning Europe, Australia and America. In 2009, Mokoomba has recorded their first studio album titled Kweseka - Drifting Ahead, featuring one of their biggest hits, Messe Messe, produced by Dutch DJ, Gregor Salto. The album was recorded as part of the campaign against poverty.

Their music will surely delight those who still remember the great Manou Gallo concert from last year. This outstanding artist produced their second album - the 2012 Rising Tide, which garnered great reviews in prestigious media, such as Songlines, fRoots and the Guardian.

The band members also starred in a film titled Mokoomba-From One River Bank To Another by Frank Dalmat and Francis Ducat. The film tells the band’s story in the context of relationship between culture and economic development of southern Africa.

Rick Sanders, a journalist working for the prestigious fRoots Magazine compared the voice and charisma of the singer, Mathias Muzaza, to the most outstanding African artists, such as Geoffrey Oryema, Kanda Bongo Man and Baaba Maal.

Members of the group:

Mathias Muzaza
Ndaba Coster Moyo
Miti Mugande
Trustworth Samende
Donald MoyoAbundance Mutori

The concert took place in 2016.

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