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Madame Baheux / Serbia/Bosnia/Bulgaria/Austria

Jelena Popržan from Serbia, Ljubinka Jokić from Bosnia, Maria Petrova from Bulgaria and Lina Neuner and Dee Linde from Austria: four voices, sixteen strings, three bows, percussion and drums.

Their music is entertaining and wild, feminine and audacious. They present their fresh interpretations of catchy folk songs from Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia alongside their own compositions and songs by Ewan MacColl, Bertolt Brecht and Georg Kreisler.

Their Southeastern European roots have a clear influence on the ensemble’s repertoire. It’s worth adding that the two Austrian musicians, Neuner and Linde, came to Vienna from rural parts of the country. And the quintet reaches far beyond the boundaries sketched out by its members’ origins. Their artistic achievements are diverse and recall many styles, including jazz, rock and ambitious songs. According to reviewers, when Madame Baheux burst onto the folk stage, they brought with them something new and fresh, something that intoxicates and stimulates, something that brings laughter and moves the body, mind and heart.

Madame Baheux won Austria’s World Music Awards in 2014, and their debut album made it into the top twenty of the World Music Charts Europe.

Jelena Popržan - viola, vocals,
Ljubinka Jokić - guitar, vocals
Dee Linde - cello, vocals
Lina Neuner - double bass, vocals
Maria Petrova - drums, percussion instruments

The concert took place in 2015.

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