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Loogaroo / Belgium

Loogaroo is a balfolk duo formed by Pablo Golder and Florian De Schepper. They both have a lot of experience on musical stages.

Golder, known for his participation in the bands I Fratella Tarzanelli and Ekko, brings subtlety and spontaneity of the sound of the diatonic accordion to the band's work. De Schepper, previously playing with Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk and Broes, adds rhythmic and swaying tempos that develop captivating acoustic guitar melodies.
After living for many years on a constant tour with bands like Zigo and Les Bandits, Pablo and Florian have recently decided to continue their musical career as a duet. For their formation they invented the name Loogaroo (not to be confused with the French “loup-garou” or werewolf). Loogaroo is a mythological creature from the Caribbean that turns into a bright sphere of light when darkness appears. During the concert, the audience is not threatened by any wolf howling. Instead, they will hear powerful and surprising melodies played by Pablo, accompanied by captivating and dynamic rhythms of Florian. This mix allows you to dance all night long, even on a full moon.
Pablo Golder
– diatonic accordion
Florian De Schepper – acoustic guitar

The concert took place in 2019.

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