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27.07.2006, 9:00 PM, Rotunda


Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski - „Lechoechoplexita” (Poland)

Solo concert on flutes, saxophones and captured sounds


Experimental concert using side-blown and end-blown flutes, saxophones and electronic devices, recording and mixing the sound. Music areas that Leszek Wiśniowski explore are mainly ethnic music, classical music and jazz. His modern instruments sound sometimes like those from the large concert halls, sometimes like shepherd pipes and sometimes like in a jazz club. Virtuosity, sensibility and single moments of daring, connected with conscious use of electronics by Leszek Wiśniowski – allows him to build extraordinary forms and colours of sound. The concert will also be a premiere of an album „Lechoechoplexita”.

Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski – flutist, saxophonist and composer. The laureate of many jazz and folk competitions; he works with bands Turnoki and Viva Flamenco. He participates in music projects of Krzesimir Dębski. He is a graduate of Jazz and Popular Music Department of the Academy of Music in Katowice.

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