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Lautari (Poland)


The music of the band Lautari is modern, ethno-jazz sound, rooted in musical tradition of Central, East and South Europe and Caucasus. Folk elements, played on violin, piano, clarinet and flutes, thanks to the brave arranges and big amount of improvisation, create original music, in which tradition meets contemporaneity. Lautari get their inspirations from music and attitude of Gypsy Lautari people – virtuosos and masters of improvisation, creators of „Gypsy jazz”. In their compositions one can hear oriental melismas, the subtlety of Byzantine music, rhythms of Balkans and Slavic spontaneity. The band is a laureate of many competitions: The Open Stage of the „Mikołajki Folkowe” Festival 2000 (3rd place), New Tradition Festival 2001 (2nd place), Folk Phonogram of the Year 2002 (album „Muzica Lautareasca Nova” - 2nd place).


Band members:

Maciej Filipczuk – violin

Zbigniew Łowżył – piano

Michał Żak – clarinet, flutes, bombard, zurna

Robert Siwak – percussion instruments


29.07.2006, 7:00 PM, Main Square

night of 29/30.07.2006, 12:00 AM (midnight), Rotunda

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