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Kwartet Jorgi (Poland)


"I was fascinated by the world of people who were once popular musicians. (...) They shared their experience with a young wanderer. It was me who came to them from another world. I truly wanted to see that our worlds were similar. (...) I wandered with people, around meetings and from these trips I remember wonderful musicians who today create my idea of what traditional culture is. (...) They built it, but not without my effort. It was their life, but also a little bit mine – through those meetings".

[Maciej Rychły]


Kwartet Jorgi is one of the oldest and most renowned Polish folk groups. The group, performing continuously for twenty years, has created a unique musical creation, based on the elements of traditional European music, exceptional sensitivity and musical imagination. The area of Kwartet Jorgi's search, practice and musical expression is huge: from the reconstruction of the music of ancient Greece, to contemporary, off-genre stylistics, the mix of folk and jazz.


Band members:

Maciej Rychły - pipes, fifes, shepherd instruments

Waldemar Rychły - guitar

Ryszard Bazarnik - drums


Concert as part of the festival: 17 July 2003, 9:30 PM, Festival Club: Hala T. G. SOKÓŁ (27 Piłsudskiego Street)

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