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Kroke / Poland

One of the finest groups on the Polish music scene and one of Europe’s most original ensembles, they started from enchanting audiences with klezmer music traditions to soon develop their own unique fascinating style.

The Kroke trio was founded in Kraków in 1992 (their name is the Yiddish for Kraków) by graduates of the city’s Academy of Music. Four years later, following many concerts and the release of two cassettes, the group aroused the interest of the prestigious German label Oriente, which became their main publisher for many years.

The group’s first albums were proof of their fascinating ability to create original interpretations of traditional klezmer music. The artists remain steeped in klezmer inspirations, in later years also reaching for influences from Balkan, Middle Eastern and improvised music to write their very own compositions. They have all been acclaimed by critics and audiences. They have also recorded an album with Nigel Kennedy, and have performed alongside him many times. Over a decade ago they were invited by Peter Gabriel to participate in the WOMAD festival and record at his studio. Steven Spielberg is also a fan. Wherever Kroke goes, theirmusic gathers huge crowds of fans. Reviewers stress their outstanding musical ability, joyful performances and outstanding ability to work together. More than two decades since the group’s foundation, Kroke remains one of Poland’s main artistic “export brands”. Their class is further confirmed by their latest album “Ten”, released last autumn.

Tomasz Kukurba - viola, percussion instruments, flute, vocals
Jerzy Bawoł - accordion
Tomasz Lato - double bass
Sławomir Berny - percussion instruments


The concert took place in 2015.

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